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Education Support Specialist - Natural Inquirer

Athens, GA
  1. At least 2 years of experience in education or education-related field.
  2. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  3. Ability to read and edit written educational material.
  4. Ability to create educational activities and lesson plans.
  5. Ability to work closely with the Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer and Investi-gator, Forest Service personnel, and cooperators.
  6. Willingness to provide support to CFAIA staff, Forest Service staff, and other cooperators.
Employed by:                   Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer and Investi-gator
Responsible to:                Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer and Investi-gator

Purpose of Job:  To ensure the education mission of the CFAIA by providing assistance creating educational materials for the Natural Inquirer and Investi-gator.

Detailed Responsibilities 
  1. Meet with your Supervisor at least once a week.
  2. Create glossaries using, to include diacritical marks and appropriate definitions using the glossaries online.
  3. Correlate draft journal articles to coincide with:
    a. National Science Education Standards
    b. National Social Studies Education Standards
    c. Common Core State Standards
    d. Next Generation Science Standards
  4. Search for and secure written permission to use high resolution photographs and illustrations in the journal, on the website, and for related science education projects.
  5. Search for and secure written permission to use activity ideas or other educational resources.
  6. Create hands-on science activities related to Natural Inquirer and Investi-gator articles.
  7. Create a comprehensive list of types of scientists and their jobs, and maintain this on the Natural Inquirer website.
  8. Create and upload photo libraries to the Natural Inquirer web site as a companion to each journal article.
  9. Create educational content for K-2 age level.
  10. Assist with mailing and distribution of journals as needed.
  11. Assist with video development as needed.
  12. Assist with educational technology development as needed.
  13. Attend monthly Natural Inquirer staff meetings.
  14. Conduct other responsibilities as assigned by your Supervisor.

Natural Inquirer Team office policies
  • All Natural Inquirer Team members will keep their doors open except during private calls or during conference calls when quiet is needed. An open door is inviting and lets others know that we are “open for business.” A closed door discourages interaction and makes it difficult for others to know whether we are in our offices.
  • All Natural Inquirer Team members will use the Natural Inquirer Team Google calendar to document schedule changes, absences, etc.
  • Vacation schedules need to be requested a month in advance and submitted to your supervisor for approval. Extended vacation times (ie. those in excess of 1 work week) will be granted only if they coincide with a time of year when distribution demand is typically lower.

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