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Education Assistant- Natural Inquirer

Athens, GA
Position: Education Assistant
Part-time position available
Athens, GA (Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association)
8-10 hours/week

1. Must have at least a high school degree.
2. Good ability to work well with others and communicate effectively.
3. Excellent organizational skills.
4. Proficient in Microsoft Word and general use of a computer.
5. Willingness to provide support to CFAIA, UGA, and Forest Service staff as needed.

Employed by: Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer

Responsible to: Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer

Purpose of Job: To assist the Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer by distributing journals and other educational materials. The employee will also help with education-related and technology-related tasks such as updating Natural Inquirer web site, searching for photos for Natural Inquirer articles, correlating to National Education Standards, and creating and writing activities for the Natural Inquirer products. Additionally, the employee will help the Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer by assisting with administrative and organizational tasks.
Detailed Responsibilities
Assist with the organization and distribution Natural Inquirer education materials as well as other education-related and technology-related tasks.

Employee will, among other responsibilities:

1. Package Natural Inquirers, Investi-gators, Natural Inquirer Readers, and other education products.
2. Assist with administrative tasks such as filing and organizational tasks.
3. Assist with mailing and distribution of Natural Inquirer education products as needed.
4. Work on updating Natural Inquirer web site as needed.
5. Correlating Natural Inquirer articles to National Education Standards.
6. Creating educational activities for Natural Inquirer products as needed.
7. Assist with photo library as needed.
8. Assist with other administrative tasks as assigned.

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